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About Us

Welcome to the Endodontists of Long Beach office, where we specialize in providing exceptional root canal treatments and endodontic services to our patients.

Led by our experienced and skilled endodontist, our team is committed to delivering the highest standard of care to help patients achieve healthy, pain-free teeth and a comfortable dental experience.


Welcome to Endodontists of Long Beach

Dental office specializing in Root Canal Treatments

Patient-Centered Approach

Seeking dental care is an emotional challenge for a lot of patients; pain makes it even more challenging. We strive to cater our treatment approach exactly to every individual patient’s needs.

Quality Treatment Methods

We use technology and current research based treatment protocols to maximize treatment effectiveness while minimizing chair time for our patients.

Affordable and Accessible

Access to care is readily available to our patients. We partner with most major PPO insurances and have in-house financing available so you can worry less about cost, and more about your well – being.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept most major PPO insurance plans. 
If we don’t take your insurance, no problem, we provide in house financing and discount plans to help you get the care you need.